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Bath, guest house

Bath, guest house

A guest house is made of logs frame. On the ground floor located: comfortable fire-place hall, bath on firewoods, shower-baths and rest room. On the second: 2 rooms of rest and small locker room. General area - 70 m2, that is optimal for meetings, evening-parties, feast of groups up to 20 persons. A frame is in a very picturesque solitary place, but at the same time near-by Riga, on the bank of the river of Maza Jugla. Territory round the Guest house is hedged and equipped child's playground, long tables for a feast and banquets, and placed for a fire and BBQ under a cover.

Places for picnic:

From 20.00 EUR to 25.00 EUR depend on the place Nr.

Bath and hall with fireplace:

45.00 EUR - first 2 hours

7.00 EUR - every next hour

All prices are WITHOUT VAT 21%.


bed sheets– 4,00 EUR /pc

towel and sheet – 1,50 EUR /pc.

bath broom- 3,50 EUR /pc.


How to get there?

Turn to OGRE direction from the Riga round road at the Adazi-Salaspils section at the Maza Jugla river, drive 4,6 km and turn left from the highway at the Paintbola Parks sign. U'r at the place!

Additional info and reservations:

Phone +371 67291400, +371 29547564

Kr. Valdemāra street 40, Riga, LV 1010.

e-mail: ;

VIP house

A house for various celebrations and parties right at the base, near the playing fields, but separate from other players.

Perfectly fits for making stag-parties, birthday-parties, and other similar celebrations. Inside everything is made in military style, with tables and chairs and a small fireplace.

The price is realy symbolic - 35.00 EUR /first 3 hours(without VAT) + 5.00 EUR / every next hour(without VAT).

We take preliminary reservations.