Kids Parties. пейнтбол в Риге, peintbols Rīgā, paintball in Riga, лазертаг в Риге, lāzertags Rīgā, lasertag in Riga. Lately Paintball Park became a popular place for conducting school sporting day, birthdays or simply the place of excellent active entertainment ....

Kids parties

Kids parties

Lately Paintball Park became a popular place for conducting school sporting day, birthdays or simply the place of excellent active rest for friends and classmates. We offer the excellent program, expected for the players of school age. Certainly, above all  things we think about safety of the children, our skilled instructor will look after them. From the first minute of meeting young  fighters will be under his guardianship and intent attention.

Nevertheless, players that are younger than 11 years assumed on the playing field only escorted by parents. Kids wont even notice, how quickly a playing day will pass. The unforgettable impressions, ardour, adventures and talks about playing, are guaranteed fot the nearest week. It should be noted that for the players of school age we have a special price program, considerably cheaper, than for adults. In addition, for the players of school age, unlike adults, the more expensive, with complete defence of head, masks, and also protective waistcoats. For continuation of holiday additional services are volunteered in covering of festive table and treating. We have covers at the river with tables and benches, where it is fully possible to continue a holiday. It is also possible to book the Guest house. To the persons celebrating his name-day from Paintball Club an interesting gift will be handed - the real army counter with the memorable engraving.


Now paintball is made for the little ones too! For children's games we use the new generation of special weapons - FIELD BLASTER 0.50 CAL. These weapons are lighter, shoot smaller caliber balls and are 2 to 2.5 times slower than conventional paintball guns. Therefore, when the ball hits a child, he almost does not feel the force of the impact. There are no unpleasant feelings and no bruises left! But the adrenaline rush of playing this paintball is also felt. Special offer and only with us! Super children's package - all included and unlimited number of balls !!!! Only 17 € per player! The duration of the game is 2 hours. For children and adolescents from 6 to 15 years of age. The game package includes everything! You don't have to think about extra costs, like extra balls. The set includes special children's equipment and special clothes - we even have very small overalls. As well as all our equipment - masks, clothes, weapons are bright colors, just as children like! Feel free to write or call 27821000 and bring your children to us for great entertainment.