Cafe. пейнтбол в Риге, peintbols Rīgā, paintball in Riga, лазертаг в Риге, lāzertags Rīgā, lasertag in Riga. We offer: bar-cafe (buffet), picnic style self-service, off-site restaurant - everything on territory of Paintball Park..



We offer:

- bar-cafe;

- "picnic" style self-service;

- off-site restaurant.


A buffet in which it is possible to snack at fully reasonable prices, works on territory of Paintball Park. In an assortment: «English sendwiches», chips, schocolates, nuts and different drinks, including, tea, coffee, beer, cola, forfeit, sprite, mineral water and other.

"Picnic" style self-service

You can rent a grill, purchase chalc in place (or to take with itself) and to arrange a picnic on a ground for a picnic under a cover in a picturesque place at the river. If you combine a picnic with a paintball game, book and use this place you will be able just for 5 Ls. Only sausages or meat you will need to bring with you, or order at us preliminary.

Off-site restaurant

It is a possibility to order a off-site restaurant to Paintball Park “Sandy’s Beach”. Conditions, menu and prices you can ask using any of our club's phone numbers.