Lasertag. пейнтбол в Риге, peintbols Rīgā, paintball in Riga, лазертаг в Риге, lāzertags Rīgā, lasertag in Riga. Lasertag - an offer, description, price. We invite you to spend an unforgettable day with your friends, colleagues, outdoors in a new game ....

Lasertag - an offer, description, price.


We invite you to spend an unforgettable day with your friends, colleagues, outdoors in a new game using the latest equipment - laser weapons in the largest and most interesting paintball park in the Baltic Jugland.

The game is played in the open air with artificially erected shelters, bunkers, walls. Equipment of the latest wireless generation is used. It is an excellent leisure in the company of friends, colleagues or family al fresco near by the city. Everybody plays the laser tag with pleasure - men and women, adults and children.


Lasertag or laser paintball is a new kind of outdoor activities, exciting team game, tactical laser battles, available to everyone, and it is completely safe. Laser tag is interesting and accessible to everybody - both adults and children, gathered, for example, in such a way to celebrate someone's birthday. Your sweet girlfriend and children will play it with pleasure. Our instructor will help to understand and master the game quickly.

Lasertag is an opportunity to divert from reality, to live in SF, to pretend you as the soldier, to feel adrenaline of real combat.

The essence of this high-tech game is to "hit" the enemy from the weapons with infrared beam. When fired, the gun emits the sound of the shot and imitates a small return, sending an opponent the hitting beam. Contact is fixed electronically. Range of fire is up to 250 meters. The rain and wind do not create any interference to the shot.

The player may have either one or several lives.

It depends on the scenario of the game and the settings of its equipment. Accordingly, if a player has spent all lives, the equipment is turned off, and it is necessary to look for a place where they could be recharged, or leave the field of battle - on the basis of the requirements of the scenario. In addition to the number of players ‘lives and the number of ammunition, you can adjust the rate of caused damage, range of fire and much more.

Given all of the above - the game, doubtless, will be of particular interest to fans of video games - it is an opportunity to bring a computer virtuality into a real actuality. But it will be much more beneficial to health - an hour or two of physical activity is for the benefit of anyone.

In general, laser tag is similar to the paintball that is already known widely, but has several advantages, such as:

  • the game is played without physical contact, which allows to play not only to men, but women and children not being afraid of pain and bruising
  • high range of fire (not less than 250 meters) and the lack of disturbance from wind
  • exact fixation of contact with the enemy – its weapon doesn’t work after being defeated, and headband indicators start lighting
  • unlimited number of charges
  • you can play in any comfortable clothing, there is no need to use special clothing, helmets, masks, etc.


Prices for laser tag (laser paintball)


  • 1st hour of game - 12 Euro per player
  • each subsequent hour of game - 7 Euro per player
  • 2st hour of game - 18 Euro per player

Game time - from 60 minutes and up to...


Time prolongation of the game is only possible if there are no other reservations at that time. Preliminary reservation has a priority.

Working hours:
Everyday 10:00 - 23:00 (only by previous reservation)

Games are conducted for groups of 4 to 16 people.

Register for a game is made on telephone (+371) 26485555

Address: Terbatas street 6/8, Rīga (entrance from the courtyard)



The price includes

  • laser tag game for the group separately, instructor-judge services
  • rent of laser tag weapons of wireless last-generation and headbands with sensors for each player
  • use of playgrounds and more scenic attributes (electronic checkpoints, flags, bombs, artifacts, etc.) for 1 hour
  • ability to accommodate a separate group under its shed


Special autumn/winter offer: Booking minimum 2 hours of VIP House or Sauna/Guest house after your Lasertag/Paintball or Airsoft game, you get 1 hour for FREE

Exit game

Trip of the instructor with the equipment (in Riga and Riga district) for the game (event, corporate parties etc.) is payable on the above price + 10 Euros.

We also provide camouflage, price 3 Euros/person.

To order the game the number of players shall be at least 4!

Discounts, promotions and bonuses

When ordering the game on Birthday (+-7 days), the birthday boy /girl and his/her guests are given discount in amount of 10%, provided the total amount of at least 8 players.


Birthday boy /girl should have identification document, otherwise, discounts provision may be denied!


Lasertag Battle Arena Underground

Lasertag Battle Arena Underground

Lasertag Battle Arena Underground

Lasertag Battle Arena Underground











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