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About park

About park

At your service:

  • 11 best playgrounds in Baltic states for various game scripts and different configuration, such unique as for example Kansas-city - city styilized as Wild West;
  • More than 200 sets of modern rentable paintball equipment;
  • qualified and benevolent personnel with a long-term operational experience;
  • locker rooms, showers and normal toilets;
  • a place to store personal things;
  • constantly working buffet offering snacks and drinks (in summer works as a cafe);
  • The guest house with a fireplace hall and Russian bath;
  • places for picnics, equipped by canopies with tables and benches;
  • parking place;
  • children's playground.

Owing to the excellent site ( beautiful wild nature in only an hour driving from the center of Riga) and the big area (11 hectares), the Paintball Park is easily accessible and perfectly adapted for any events and groups - from individual players with their own (or without) equipment to great corporate holidays.

The territory of the Park is closed for strangers, represents a picturesque corner, from three sides surrounded by river Maza Jugla, and has a various lay of land - from impassable thrickets of a hazel grove in lowland or a pure pine-oak wood, up to quite high and abrupt hills.

The very beautiful coast of the river bordering a site and having extent of 700 meters, with abrupt steep coast on the one hand and a small sandy beach on another.

Park Jugland is in 5 km from the Riga belt line of a site "Riga - Tallinn" in the Southeast direction. These are 25-30 min of driving by car from the Central station.

At the moment Paintball Park Jugland is the greatest and most interesting Paintball Park not only in Baltic, but also in the East Europe!

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