Airsoft games in Yugland park!. пейнтбол в Риге, peintbols Rīgā, paintball in Riga, лазертаг в Риге, lāzertags Rīgā, lasertag in Riga. Airsoft Events in Yugland!.




Airsoft is an exciting competitive team tactical game in which participants shoot each other with plastic balls, the so-called BB (Ball Bullet), with the help of a pneumatic weak power weapons (1.5 joules max.), the so-called airsoft weapon.Which externaly are similar to real military weapons. 
We offer to play airsoft in the paintball park Yugland.
Yugland is a unique game site site with a 20-year history, where on 11 hectares of territory with a very interesting  landscape is builded a large number of playgrounds and well developed gaming infrastructure.
Want to feel your self like real warrior? Call us!
This exciting team game is great for:

Game price.

Promotion according  with the opening 01.09.2019. - package for teams from 6 players "all inclusive" for only 20 € (25 €) per game up to 3-x hours

Standard price: all-inclusive gaming set - € 25 per game for 2-3 hours, depending on the number of players.

The price includes - new airsoft weapons, camouflage, tactical vest, additional magazine, protective mask, 1000 bb’s and the services instructor-judge.

It is possible to play with your equipment. In this case, the discount on the game - 50%.